Children Art on Canvas

24 Jun

I just love CANVAS.  I love to give my children the wooden canvas to draw on.

They are really cheap and a nice way to display their art (or your own art). 

This was a gift for my mother for her birthday from my 2 kids.  I always let them make the gifts themselves. 

my big boy (age 6), did these two.  (okey, this is one of the two he painted)

Junie 2010 063

He just draw on it with a black marker.  We decided it was for Granny’s lounge, so me and him painted it mainly red and orange (to go with the decor).

And of course, it was the little one’s turn.  She is still too small to paint a picture.  So, I gave her the canvas (outside on the grass) and some paint and a paintbrush.  and this is what she did……

Firstly she painted:

Junie 2010 011

then it’s was time for the hands:

Junie 2010 017

I took a lot of photos while she was painting.  I’ve chosen the 2 cutest photos.  Printed them. 

Junie 2010 158

paste them on her "painting" with double sided tape.  And for decoration, I glued scrapbooking corners on the photos. 

Junie 2010 163

and this was the end result:

Junie 2010 165

It cost us about R50 to make these 3.  but granny’s face (and tears) was priceless.

Junie 2010 167

Send me photos of your children’s art on canvasses and I will post it for more inspiration for other mommies

                           handtekening copy

2 Responses to “Children Art on Canvas”

  1. Rene June 24, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

    Gorgeous!! Eks seker ouma was baie bly, ek sou wees!


  2. Jami July 7, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    very cute! Adding the pictures to the back is a very sweet touch! smiles!!

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