A chef party

6 Jul

This week’s theme is short and sweet.  I love it when children is creative, and with this party, they can be very creative.  I think any child would love this party.

Let’s cook away. (and click on the photo to view the webpage)

The Invitation:

Dressing up:

Easy – Apron and Chef hat.  Use fabric paint to paint each chef’s name on the apron.


Apart from balloons, you don’t need a lot of decorations.  Make a big sign saying "Welcome to "Name" Chef’s School" and place above your front door or gate. You can use red and white gingham table cloth. Make a large blackboard “menu” with the activities listed with the treat making being the dessert.

The cake:

You don’t really need a cake for this party.   Or you can bake a cake and let the children decorate it!

Party food:

Let them make it themselves.  Pizzas, icing and decorating cupcakes, Ice cream Sundaes.  Just remember to have A LOT of cake sprinkles.


Have the kids make personalized placemats

Buy a canvas apron that they can decorate with fabric paint.

Taste Testers – In advance place a selection of sauces and spices, for example ketchup, sugar, ranch dressing, chocolate syrup, in little cups on a table.  Take the kids one at a time, blindfold them and give them, one cup at a time, the ingredients to taste.   The kids have to guess what it is and then write it on a piece of paper. Give a prize to the person/people who guess the most. IMPORTANT – Make sure no one has food allergies!!!!


Other great links for ideas:

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One Response to “A chef party”

  1. Kiki July 8, 2010 at 10:18 am #

    This is such a stunning idea for a party!

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