Around the world in ????? days (weeks)

7 Jul

With the soccer world cup came all the flags from all the countries.  Suddenly my 6 year old son was only interested in the flags. 

But let me explain first.  For my son there are only two places in the world: South Africa and the Island.  Although we lived in Botswana and visiting Namibia and Zimbabwe, according to him, that is South Africa.  And any other place, is the Island.  With the Soccer World Cup I had to tell him the truth.  So, we bought him a earth globe and flags (to decorate his bedroom)

July 2010 050

July 2010 048 July 2010 045


I think it was a shock to him to realise how BIG the world really is.  And South Africa is very very far from Europe, America, Asia, etc. 

So I thought, while he is interested in the world, why not "show" him the world?  Why not explore the world with him?  (I can learn too). 

And now I am inviting you all to join us in our trip around the world.  Every two weeks we will be visiting a country.  Learn about the country.  Learn about their flag.  Learn about their culture.   Of course there will be a lot of crafting.   On the last day, we will prepare food from that country, dress up and have a feast. 

So, get your passports ready.  We will see you on the 10th of July for our first post. 


handtekening copy

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