Jewelry Organization

10 Jul

Most of us love Jewelry.  And with the big variety of different jewelry, organization is important.  Otherwise you will have a big bundle of jewelry.  So, I thought I’ll search the net for great ideas.   I need great ideas to organize a bucket full of necklaces, bangles and rings.

and as always – click on the picture to access the applicable website for the great ideas.

Use all your beautiful cups and saucers to sort your jewelry:

On a statue:

on a tree branch:

In a tackle box:

a mug rack:


Vanity tray or a frame:


Jewelry Mannequins:

Paper towel holder for your bracelets:

on a hanger:

Men’s Belt Hanger:

Men’s Tie Hanger:

In a Ice Cube holder:

A Headless Barbie doll:

Muffin Tins:

Chicken Wire:

How do you store your jewelry?  Let us know.  I must say, I’ve go a lot of ideas.  Will do mine today.  Will show you!

handtekening copy

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