I’ve organized my Jewelry

12 Jul

I was really inspired by all the ideas of this post.  So, I decided:  It’s now or never.

I’ve got a medium size window in our dressing room with Burglar bars.  And as you know, Burglar bars does not look good.  Really, it doesn’t.

Firstly, I bought paperclips.  Nice coloured paperclips and fold it open in a S form.

July 2010 026 July 2010 028

I clip the one end on the burglar bar and hang the necklace on the other side

July 2010 030

For my bangles, I used tall glass vases. 

July 2010 032

For the rings, I really want to use the idea of the nice flower cup.  But I still have to buy one.  For now, I’ve use a butter tin (yes, you get butter in a tin)

July 2010 033

And voilla, all my Jewelry is now nicely displayed.  I can see what I have while dressing.  and I don’t need any other window treatment.  And it looks lovely when the sun shine through the beads.

July 2010 031

so, what do you think?

handtekening copy

2 Responses to “I’ve organized my Jewelry”

  1. Lauren July 13, 2010 at 8:15 am #

    Thats such a brilliant idea! I like it 🙂

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