Ideas for Styrofoam Flat Sheets

31 Jul

Today we’ve decided to install our cooker hood.  It was time.  It’s been 7 months now.  And it was so much easier than we thought.  But then I saw the flats sheets of Styrofoam.  Hubby through it out, I took it back into the house and into my little room, the craft room.  And I was wondering what can I do with these flat sheets of Styrofoam.  So, let’s see what I found on the net (just click on the picture to visit the site)

An Advent Calendar:

Memo Boards:


Wall Art:

Lots and Lots of children art:

Christmas Decorations:

A birdhouse:

Halloween decor:


For displaying purposes:

And I was just thinking:  what about square magnets for nice sayings on it – it won’t be heavy and will be a nice gift.

And of course:  give it to your children to play with.

If you have any great ideas for Styrofoam flat sheets, please let me know.

have a great day

handtekening copy

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