1 Aug

Sawardee Kha

And this week we’ve been visiting Thailand. 

Aug 2010 039

Although Thailand is a lot like Indonesia, there was a lot of other things we’ve learned.

As usual, I made a book to read.  Xander just love reading out of his books – Everyday we have to read the whole book.  (okey it’s only 16 pages)

Aug 2010 041

We’ve learned about their manners, their houses, their transport, clothing, religion and their food.  Then it was time for Agriculture.  That was really interesting.  We did:

  • Fishing
  • Crocodile Farming

Aug 2010 042

  • Silk Farming. 

Oktober 2009 127 (this is our silkworms from last year – the eggs is waiting for September month)

The activity for the week was:  Lotus Flowers:

Paint a paper plate blue (the pond)

Cut a egg holder in 6 "cups" and paint it red/pink or yellow.

Aug 2010 003 Aug 2010 006

We’ve made a fan from crinkle paper for the leaves and paste it on the pond

Then we paste the flowers on the leaves.  And there you have your own pond with Lotus flowers. 

Aug 2010 037

Our other activity was:  Kite flying:

This week it was really windy.  each day I thought:  what a nice day for kite flying.  Pity I was working during the day.  Today (Sunday), I thought:  today is the day….  and there were no wind.  But we did try and will do it again next weekend.

Aug 2010 024 Aug 2010 026

We’ve ended our visit with a meal. 

we were really lazy this weekend.  And as we don’t have an Asian Restaurant in our town, we bought ready made Thai noodles from Woolies.  Quick, easy and really tasty.   

Aug 2010 008

Mix the noodles and the sauce

Aug 2010 009 Aug 2010 010

Put in the microwave for 2 minutes

Aug 2010 011

We’ve try to master chopsticks.  Some of us did, other didn’t. 

Aug 2010 012 Aug 2010 017

The food was really great.

That is all for this week’s "AROUND THE WORLD IN 45 WEEKS.  Next week we will be visiting India.  We are planning a great weekend with a great meal in traditional clothing.  Next weekend is a long weekend – A lot of time to do a lot of things.

here is some great links:

see you all

handtekening copy

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