quick way to hang up frames

4 Sep

I love frames.  I really do.  Where ever I see a photo frame, I buy it.  The only problem I have with it,  is that most of them are for a desk and not for hanging on a wall.  Then I found a wonderful product:  No More Nails from Pattex.

Junie 2010 171

Let me show you how to hang up frames quick-quick.  I wanted to redo our entrance hall.  Since we renovated our house, there is still a lot of decorating to be done.  And the entrance hall is one of them.

The before:   boring boring boring boring

Junie 2010 169

But firstly let me show you how to use the No More Nails.

Try to take off the "standing" piece on the back side:

Junie 2010 170

Then stick the tape on:

Junie 2010 172

Take off the blue paper and "paste" it on the wall.  Press for a moment or two

Junie 2010 180

And it really takes only a few minutes to create a wall full of family photos. 

Place a table underneath the photos.  And a lamp and a few decoration on the table.  and your entrance wall looks inviting.

Junie 2010 177

How do you hang your frames on the wall?

                      handtekening copy

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