Kid’s gifts to count the days

9 Oct

So, me and my dearest husband went on a vacation.  Just me and him, without the children.  It wasn’t easy for us to go without them, but the thought of my parents looking after them, made it easier.  But I want them to enjoy their time and know that we still love them and thinking of them everyday. 

I decided to make them gifts for each to tell how many days left before we came home, what we were doing that day and a small message.  And I must say, it was a hit.  My mom said the kids woke up early each morning to open their gifts, reading (or listening) their message.

Here is what I made:

Firstly, the message paper:

On one side of the paper I wrote a message for each one of them.  their own personal message.  then in the middle, I made a big circle (Pink circle for my girl and the blue one for my boy) and wrote the qty of days left in it.  and of course, a picture.  on the other side I paste a map of where we were and a short description of what we will be doing that day (we went on a coach tour and knew what we will be seeing, etc). 

Sept 2010 065

If you fold the paper in half, it had a message on both sides.

Sept 2010 068

Ok, and here is the fun part.  I bought a few small toys.  If there was more than one toy in a box, I took them out of the box to give them on separate days.  and I bought a few sweets for their gifts.

Sept 2010 016 Sept 2010 017

Then I took some brown paper bags:

Sept 2010 015

And put a toy and a sweet in each bag. 

Sept 2010 067

Then I place the folded paper over the opening of the bag and stapler it all together.

The front side:

Sept 2010 070

The back side with the map on it.

Sept 2010 072

And there it was:  a gift for each day.  quickly (okey, I must admit, the typing part took some time) and cheap.  But most important, they LOVED it.  And you can use it for anything, maybe counting the days to Christmas, an important date or a birthday.

                           handtekening copy

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