Gift for a baby

10 Oct

After this post, I was so inspired to make a gift for the stork party I was attending.  I loved the baby bouquet and the tie vest.  But instead of doing appliqué on the vest, I decided to use a product I bought about a year ago and never used it.  and I just LOVE this product:  Picture Perfect from Dala.  It was the first time using Picture Perfect and the results wasn’t 100% perfect, but now I know how to use it.  and it is really easy.

Sept 2010 002

Let me show you how:

Make a copy of a picture you want to use.  I made a tie on a Word document and print it.  Then copy it.  It must be a copy.  If you want to use words, print it in mirror view.

Sept 2010 001

Cut it out and apply a layer of Picture Perfect on the print side of the coy.

Sept 2010 003

Place wet side on the fabric and roll with a firm roller over picture to ensure there is no bubbles.

Sept 2010 006

Leave it overnight to dry. Place a wet sponge or a few wet paper cloths on top of the picture for about 20 – 30 minutes.

Sept 2010 007

Gently rub your fingertips over the picture.  Paper will come off in small pieces.  After removing the first layer, wet the picture again with wet sponge and rub fingertips again.

Sept 2010 008

Let the paper dry.  Paint a layer of Picture Perfect on the paper again.  Let it dry.

Sept 2010 009

Iron on the reverse side and Voila, You are finished.

Sept 2010 011

It is really easy to use the Picture Perfect and a quick way to make something special for someone special.  I can already think of a few things to make:  Cushion for a grandma, etc.  Will use it for this Christmas to make some gifts.

And then I made something else as well.  And what do you think of my first Baby Bouquet?

Sept 2010 013

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