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Bookcases Ideas

11 Oct

While renovating our house, I decided to create a "library" area.  Big bookcase, comfy chair and ottoman, big reading lamp.  Get the picture????

Well, it’s a year later, and the "library" space is still open.  The books is still packed away.  Maybe it is time to create a warm comfy place to read.  But I still can’t decide what kind of bookcase to use.

My requirements is:  a big wall bookcase, must be strong enough to hold hundreds of books, must look good – this is the one of the first things you will see when entering the house.

Let’s see what ideas is available on the web.  (just click on the pic to visit the applicable website)

There is so many different bookcases.  Very modern ones but those won’t carry all my books.  But these are my favorites.  Now to choose…  decisions decisions decisions.

                            handtekening copy


Alice in Wonderland Party

10 Sep

For this party, it’s all about the decor.  Vibrant colours, magical tea party. 

Enjoy this fun filled party and as always…..  click on the picture to access the website.




The Cake:

quick way to hang up frames

4 Sep

I love frames.  I really do.  Where ever I see a photo frame, I buy it.  The only problem I have with it,  is that most of them are for a desk and not for hanging on a wall.  Then I found a wonderful product:  No More Nails from Pattex.

Junie 2010 171

Let me show you how to hang up frames quick-quick.  I wanted to redo our entrance hall.  Since we renovated our house, there is still a lot of decorating to be done.  And the entrance hall is one of them.

The before:   boring boring boring boring

Junie 2010 169

But firstly let me show you how to use the No More Nails.

Try to take off the "standing" piece on the back side:

Junie 2010 170

Then stick the tape on:

Junie 2010 172

Take off the blue paper and "paste" it on the wall.  Press for a moment or two

Junie 2010 180

And it really takes only a few minutes to create a wall full of family photos. 

Place a table underneath the photos.  And a lamp and a few decoration on the table.  and your entrance wall looks inviting.

Junie 2010 177

How do you hang your frames on the wall?

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Dining Room Lighting Ideas

7 Aug

I am looking for ideas for our dining room.  Well, not actually the dining room.  Our dining room is part of the kitchen.  But I need low hanging lights hanging over the table.  And it must be something unique and WOW.  And if I can make it or re-create it, it will be perfect.  Let’s see what is on the web.  (Just click on the photo so access the applicable site)



Wow, there is a lot of ideas on the net and not enough space on the blog for all of it.   I am so inspired now.  One of these days I will show you my dining room lights.

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Enchanted garden birthday party

31 Jul

this must be a dream party for every little girl. Big garden, Fairies whispering.  Beautiful flowers.  The success is in the decor!

And as always:  just click on the picture to access the applicable website


Dressing up:



The cake:



Party Favor:

Kid’s Batik

25 Jul

We are still in Indonesia.  And the one thing they love, is to make colourful material with Batik.  And while I was reading this, I remembered one of my favorite blogs did a posting about Batik. So I thought this is a very nice and fun activity for the kids.  And it was.  I’m now considering them making the Christmas gifts this year – already thinking of aprons for the grannies, etc. 

I decided to let them make a scatter cushion for their bedrooms.  I’ve pre-washed the material and cut it the right size.  Then we draw a picture on the material.  Xander did his own – drawing a dinosaur and I did a flower for Mia.

July 2010 375

Then we made a thick paste of flour and water – about 3 parts flour and 1 part water.  And pour it into syringe bottles. 

July 2010 376

The bottles were really easy to use.  just follow the lines on the material

July 2010 377

And here is our flour pictures.  Leave it a few hours to dry. 

July 2010 378 July 2010 379

Then we paint with material paint…  all colours.  all over the material.  (I helped Mia with the red paint)

July 2010 415 July 2010 417

July 2010 418 July 2010 420

And let it dry.  Scrape the flour mixture off.  and Voila,  a beautiful art piece from your child.

July 2010 436 July 2010 437

GI Joe or Army Party

19 Jul

This week’s theme is a request from a friend for her 4 year old boy.  I can just imagine that every boy (and girl) will love this theme.  Just click on the pic to access the applicable website.

The Invitation

Dressing up:

Helmet, binoculars, bandana, face painting, tattoo….


The Cake:




Obstacle course :


Water gun fights:

Water balloon bombs:


A certificate for completing the "boot camp" and a medal.


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