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Alice in Wonderland Party

10 Sep

For this party, it’s all about the decor.  Vibrant colours, magical tea party. 

Enjoy this fun filled party and as always…..  click on the picture to access the website.




The Cake:


Enchanted garden birthday party

31 Jul

this must be a dream party for every little girl. Big garden, Fairies whispering.  Beautiful flowers.  The success is in the decor!

And as always:  just click on the picture to access the applicable website


Dressing up:



The cake:



Party Favor:

GI Joe or Army Party

19 Jul

This week’s theme is a request from a friend for her 4 year old boy.  I can just imagine that every boy (and girl) will love this theme.  Just click on the pic to access the applicable website.

The Invitation

Dressing up:

Helmet, binoculars, bandana, face painting, tattoo….


The Cake:




Obstacle course :


Water gun fights:

Water balloon bombs:


A certificate for completing the "boot camp" and a medal.


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Barnyard Party

14 Jul

Although I did not grow up on a farm, my grandparents had a farm.  I’ve got so many sweet and wonderful memories of the farm.  Playing with the animals, try to teach the sheep the ABC and 123.  (I always wanted to be a teacher).  I can remember giving milk to the lambs and riding on a horse. 

My kids love farm animals.  This past weekend we drove past a lot of farm animals and I thought a Barnyard Party will be a great theme for children.

Here is some great ideas.  just click on the pic and it will take you to the applicable website.

The Invitation:

Dressing up:


Think Straw, Bandanas, red and white checkered material. 

The party food:

The cake:




Great links:

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A chef party

6 Jul

This week’s theme is short and sweet.  I love it when children is creative, and with this party, they can be very creative.  I think any child would love this party.

Let’s cook away. (and click on the photo to view the webpage)

The Invitation:

Dressing up:

Easy – Apron and Chef hat.  Use fabric paint to paint each chef’s name on the apron.


Apart from balloons, you don’t need a lot of decorations.  Make a big sign saying "Welcome to "Name" Chef’s School" and place above your front door or gate. You can use red and white gingham table cloth. Make a large blackboard “menu” with the activities listed with the treat making being the dessert.

The cake:

You don’t really need a cake for this party.   Or you can bake a cake and let the children decorate it!

Party food:

Let them make it themselves.  Pizzas, icing and decorating cupcakes, Ice cream Sundaes.  Just remember to have A LOT of cake sprinkles.


Have the kids make personalized placemats

Buy a canvas apron that they can decorate with fabric paint.

Taste Testers – In advance place a selection of sauces and spices, for example ketchup, sugar, ranch dressing, chocolate syrup, in little cups on a table.  Take the kids one at a time, blindfold them and give them, one cup at a time, the ingredients to taste.   The kids have to guess what it is and then write it on a piece of paper. Give a prize to the person/people who guess the most. IMPORTANT – Make sure no one has food allergies!!!!


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A Pirate Party

1 Jul

a friend of mine gave her son a Pirate Party a month ago.  My children enjoyed the party so much, I’ve decided to make it the theme of the week.  So, let’s go!!!!

(and as always – just click on the photo to visit the site – there are some nice tutorials)

The Invitation


The Decor

Dressing up:

The cake


The Party Food

Party Favors:


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hope you find cool ideas.  If  you host a Pirate Party, let me know

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a bugs party

22 Jun

Our first theme for a party is BUGS.  Some of them are creepy.  Some of them are cute

(Just click on the picture and it will take you to the applicable website.)


Dressing Up:

The Decor


The food:


The Cake:

Party Favors

Other cool links:

Hope you enjoyed the Creepy Crawlies.  If you want ideas for a party theme, just contact me! 

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