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1 Aug

Sawardee Kha

And this week we’ve been visiting Thailand. 

Aug 2010 039

Although Thailand is a lot like Indonesia, there was a lot of other things we’ve learned.

As usual, I made a book to read.  Xander just love reading out of his books – Everyday we have to read the whole book.  (okey it’s only 16 pages)

Aug 2010 041

We’ve learned about their manners, their houses, their transport, clothing, religion and their food.  Then it was time for Agriculture.  That was really interesting.  We did:

  • Fishing
  • Crocodile Farming

Aug 2010 042

  • Silk Farming. 

Oktober 2009 127 (this is our silkworms from last year – the eggs is waiting for September month)

The activity for the week was:  Lotus Flowers:

Paint a paper plate blue (the pond)

Cut a egg holder in 6 "cups" and paint it red/pink or yellow.

Aug 2010 003 Aug 2010 006

We’ve made a fan from crinkle paper for the leaves and paste it on the pond

Then we paste the flowers on the leaves.  And there you have your own pond with Lotus flowers. 

Aug 2010 037

Our other activity was:  Kite flying:

This week it was really windy.  each day I thought:  what a nice day for kite flying.  Pity I was working during the day.  Today (Sunday), I thought:  today is the day….  and there were no wind.  But we did try and will do it again next weekend.

Aug 2010 024 Aug 2010 026

We’ve ended our visit with a meal. 

we were really lazy this weekend.  And as we don’t have an Asian Restaurant in our town, we bought ready made Thai noodles from Woolies.  Quick, easy and really tasty.   

Aug 2010 008

Mix the noodles and the sauce

Aug 2010 009 Aug 2010 010

Put in the microwave for 2 minutes

Aug 2010 011

We’ve try to master chopsticks.  Some of us did, other didn’t. 

Aug 2010 012 Aug 2010 017

The food was really great.

That is all for this week’s "AROUND THE WORLD IN 45 WEEKS.  Next week we will be visiting India.  We are planning a great weekend with a great meal in traditional clothing.  Next weekend is a long weekend – A lot of time to do a lot of things.

here is some great links:

see you all

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Around the world: Indonesia

26 Jul

Selamat pagi (that is HALLO)

Our first "stop" in our tour around the world is Indonesia. 

July 2010 439

And what a country.  Indonesia consists of five islands in a group of more than 13 000 islands.  Less than 6000 of these islands are inhabited.

We’ve learned so much about this wonderful country.  I made a little book for Xander and each night we read a few pages.  We learned about their manners, religion,  transport, houses, agriculture and animals. 

July 2010 438

We made a volcano, because there is so many active volcano’s in Indonesia.  That was a lot of fun.

July 2010 404

Then we made scatter cushion cover with Batik– In Indonesia they use the Batik method to colour their material.

July 2010 436 July 2010 437

On Sunday we made an Indonesian Meal.

Rice and coconut milk is some of the main ingredients in Indonesia.  We decided to make a curry with coconut milk and serve that on rice.  Xander loved preparing for the meal and cooking.  It was our first time cooking with coconut milk and I will use it again.  it gives the curry a special taste. 

We made Uli Petataws (Sweet potato Fritters), Pisang Goreng (Fried Banana Cakes), and a chicken curry with coconut milk.  It was our first time cooking with coconut milk and I will use it again.  it gives the curry a special taste. we didn’t like the Sweet potato fritter that much.  The Fried banana cakes was nice with the curry.


July 2010 421 July 2010 426


July 2010 429


July 2010 427 July 2010 430

And eating:

July 2010 433

Some of us didn’t like all the food, but the others did

July 2010 434

And that was our tour to Indonesia.

Here is the great links we used for Indonesia.

See you next week in Thailand

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Kid’s Batik

25 Jul

We are still in Indonesia.  And the one thing they love, is to make colourful material with Batik.  And while I was reading this, I remembered one of my favorite blogs did a posting about Batik. So I thought this is a very nice and fun activity for the kids.  And it was.  I’m now considering them making the Christmas gifts this year – already thinking of aprons for the grannies, etc. 

I decided to let them make a scatter cushion for their bedrooms.  I’ve pre-washed the material and cut it the right size.  Then we draw a picture on the material.  Xander did his own – drawing a dinosaur and I did a flower for Mia.

July 2010 375

Then we made a thick paste of flour and water – about 3 parts flour and 1 part water.  And pour it into syringe bottles. 

July 2010 376

The bottles were really easy to use.  just follow the lines on the material

July 2010 377

And here is our flour pictures.  Leave it a few hours to dry. 

July 2010 378 July 2010 379

Then we paint with material paint…  all colours.  all over the material.  (I helped Mia with the red paint)

July 2010 415 July 2010 417

July 2010 418 July 2010 420

And let it dry.  Scrape the flour mixture off.  and Voila,  a beautiful art piece from your child.

July 2010 436 July 2010 437

Make your own Volcano

24 Jul

We are still in Indonesia with our “Around the world in 45 weeks” – tour.  One of the things we’ve learned this week was that Indonesia has a lot of active volcanoes.  So, we’ve decided to make our own volcano.  And that was a lot of fun.  And it kept the children busy for hours after the last eruption.

But let me show you what we did:

Firstly we’ve created the mountain.

For the Salt Dough you need:

July 2010 380

  1. 6 cups of flour
  2. 2 cups of salt
  3. 4 tablespoons of oil
  4. 2 cups of water.

Mix all the ingredients.  add water if needed.

July 2010 382

Place a 2 litre bottle in the middle of a baking tray or a tea tray.  and “paste” the salt dough around the bottle.  Be careful not to drop any dough in the bottle.  We really had fun doing this.

July 2010 385

We’ve decorated the mountain with sand, stones, “trees”, animals (even a Chihuahua between the dinosaurs) and a few people.  Two paper tents finished the picture.

July 2010 390

Now for the really really fun stuff – the lava  (So glad I’m married to a scientist)

Pour warm water in the bottle, then add red food colouring, 6 drops of liquid detergent, and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.  Lastly slowly pour vinegar into the bottle and jump back quickly…..

You’ve got lava…..

July 2010 401 July 2010 402 July 2010 404 July 2010 405

How cool is that.  And it kept them busy for hours afterwards, playing with the animals and the lava.

July 2010 412

Hope you have fun building a volcano.

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Around the world in 45 weeks: Passports

18 Jul

We can’t go anywhere without passports.  So, I’ve decided to begin with the passports.  The passports is actually a writing book and we will be using it as a memory book with photos of all the countries we’ve "visited", etc.

So let me show you how we did it:

I printed a picture of the world map on A3 paper.  Then I let each child painting on it with lemon juice.   my son painted each country and my daughter, well….  just painted.

July 2010 347 

July 2010 348

Then we’ve made a strong bowl of coffee (about 6 spoons of coffee with 2 cups of water).  And let it cool off.

July 2010 351

Dip the paper in the coffee mix.  I will use a baking tray next time for it.

July 2010 352

Place it on a cookie tray

July 2010 353

And pop it in the oven at about 200 degrees Celsius for about 5 minutes

July 2010 354

July 2010 355

Take it out.  You will see the parts that was painted with lemon juice came out darker than the rest.

July 2010 357

Then I just cover the book with the paper. 

July 2010 358

So, now we are ready for the world.  See you next week to tell you about our "trip" to Indonesia.

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Around the world in 46 weeks

17 Jul

The big day has arrived.  We will be "touring" the world in 46 weeks.  (nearly a year).

Here is our program.  Every week I will insert a link into that weeks post. 

  1. Indonesia
  2. Thailand
  3. India
  4. China
  5. Nepal
  6. Japan
  7. Switzerland
  8. Italy
  9. Ireland
  10. Germany
  11. Scotland
  12. England
  13. France
  14. Russia
  15. Hungary
  16. Netherlands
  17. Sweden
  18. Spain
  19. Greece
  20. Tunisia
  21. Ethiopia
  22. Zimbabwe
  23. South Africa
  24. Ghana
  25. Liberia
  26. Israel
  27. Turkey
  28. Lebanon
  29. Syria
  30. Egypt
  31. Tanzania
  32. Caribbean Islands
  33. Mexico
  34. Costa Rico
  35. Panama
  36. Argentina
  37. Peru
  38. Brazil
  39. USA
  40. Canada
  41. Venezuela
  42. Australia
  43. New Zealand
  44. Society Islands
  45. Hawaii
  46. Antarctica

And that’s the lot….  Hope you will join us and enjoy it as much as we do

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