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coffee gift set for someone special

15 Jan

Each year it takes me about 2 month to think about the gifts to buy/make for Christmas. I just can’t walk into a shop and just buy something.  I think about the person and what they love.  For my colleagues I love to make something.  Although all of them get the same gift, I create the gift with that particular person in mind.  What colours does she loves, etc.

For this past Christmas, I gave them each a coffee gift set.  We all just love drinking coffee at work.  and this is how I did it.  (just keep in my mind that this was my first mosaic project ever.  it’s not perfect, but I’m hooked now.

Firstly I made a coaster for each person.  I bought a small wooden tray and painted it black.  Maybe you can paint it after the mosaic.

Dec 023

Apply project/craft glue on the inside

Dec 024

And do your mosaic thing.  Since it was my first project and didn’t want it too difficult, I used strips of mosaic blocks.

Dec 025 Dec 026

And voila…. the pasting part is finished.

Dec 027

After the glue dried, it time to do the grouting.  Just mix water with normal tile grout to a thick mixture and apply it onto the tiles.

Dec 029

Scrape the surplus off with a credit card.

Dec 030

After the grout dried, wipe the tiles clean.  You can now paint the tray black, if you didn’t do it at the first step

Dec 031

cover the tiles and spray the tray with a spray varnish

Dec 032

Now the coaster is finished. you can buy any beautiful mug.  I’ve decided to buy white mugs and paint their names on it with ceramic paint. 

Dec 033

And now to complete the gift set.  I melted chocolate and dipped spoons in it and let it dry.  This makes a great hot chocolate when mixing with hot milk.

Dec 035

Then I google for nice cappuccino and coffee mixture recipes and pour it into little canisters.

And this is how their gifts look like. 

Dec 037

A nice gift for a coffee lover.

                        handtekening copy


Father’s day Gifts

16 Jun

Father’s day is really just around the corner.  It’s a good time to get creative with you kids.  Kids just love making gifts.  Kids love being creative.  I’ve searched all over the BIG web for ideas and here it is

1.  The Superhero Dad


2.  King for the Day

3.  D A D Photos

4.  If you dad loves Fast Food

5.  Scratch-off card

6.  A DAD Frame

7.  If daddy loves beer

8.  For the "Handy man" DAD

9.  Make a coloring page of DAD

10.  A lot of ideas for cards and gifts

11.  Dad’s Token Tin

12.  Special labels for a special dad

Enjoy Father’s Day.  Enjoy the craft with your kids.

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