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"Seeds in a Wallet" Gift

17 Jul

this is a really quick, but special gift for a friend.  Or it can be used as a wedding favor.

For the Wallet you need a sheet of scrapbooking paper (12" x 12"). Fold it in a Origami Wallet.  This is really easy. Click here for a step by step tutorial.

The inside of your "wallet" will be looking like this now:

Junie 2010 047

Now for the seed envelope:

   Change the name on the template.  Print it.  Cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines.  Use glue or double sided tape on the two sides.  and there you’ve got a envelope.  now you can put the seeds in the envelope.

Junie 2010 056

Get a nice poem or just write THANK YOU on a note.  Cut it out – must be the same size as the envelope. 

Junie 2010 054

Put the envelope and the note inside your wallet.

Junie 2010 050

you can decorate your wallet on the outside

Junie 2010 060 

or if the paper is beautiful enough just leave it like that. 

Junie 2010 062 

and voila, you’ve made a special gift.

Junie 2010 051

Hope it inspired you!

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